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Piece preparation

Plates for drilling holes and eccentric shafts diameter less than 30


  • Dimension A will always be 3mm. larger than the diameter drilled.
  • The dimension B is always less than the diameter drilling to avoid cameras in drilling.
  • If the hole is through the counterpoint of output will be the same size as the input.
  • If the hole is blind counterpoint can be done smaller.

NOTE: For diameters greater than 30mm. Check diameter cashier.


Plates for drilling holes and eccentric shafts diameter greater than 30

* Pocket:  Pocket diameter tolerance +0.15/+0.10    -     Deep of the pocket: 4-5 mm

preparacion mayor 30

Ø27 Ø42 Ø63 Ø75 Ø101 Ø125
Ø28 Ø64 Ø102
Ø29 Ø65 Ø103
Ø30 Ø66 Ø104
Ø31 Ø50 Ø67 Ø105
Ø32 Ø68 Ø110 Ø106
Ø33 Ø69 Ø107
Ø34 Ø70 Ø108
Ø35 Ø71 Ø109
Ø36 Ø72 Ø110
Ø37 Ø73 Ø111 Ø165
Ø38 Ø74 Ø112
Ø39 Ø75 Ø113
Ø40 Ø76 Ø114
Ø41 Ø77 Ø115
Ø42 Ø78 Ø120
Ø43 Ø60 Ø79 Ø125
Ø44 Ø80 Ø130
Ø45 Ø81 Ø135
Ø46 Ø82 Ø140
Ø47 Ø83 Ø125 Ø145
Ø48 Ø84 Ø150
Ø49 Ø85 Ø155 Ø220
Ø50 Ø86 Ø160
Ø51 Ø87 Ø165
Ø52 Ø88 Ø170
Ø53 Ø70 Ø89 Ø175
Ø54 Ø90 Ø180
Ø55 Ø91 Ø190
Ø56 Ø92 Ø200 Ø240
Ø57 Ø93 Ø205
Ø58 Ø94 Ø210 Ø250
Ø59 Ø95 Ø220 Ø280
Ø60 Ø96 Ø230 Ø280
Ø61 Ø75 Ø97 Ø240
Ø62 Ø98 Ø250
    Ø99 Ø300 Ø412
    Ø100 Ø350
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